Our Strategy statements form the foundation for all activities in our company. They   describes what we will become in the future, policies and culture of our stuff and all needed guidelines for decision making.


To be the leading business management consulting firms in the Limpopo province and in 25 years, to be one of the best firms in Africa, a firm that has helped all spheres of the communities in which our office/s are located in, growing these communities/organisations and allowing them to be better  through :

  • The application of unique, innovative, dynamic, traditional and competitive technologies;
  • And years of Solutions which will enable LBMC to grow in new markets and sustain the same markets, we share this knowledge with our clients; 
  • Creation and preservation of our clients stake holder’s value.
  • Through the creation of industry leading, new strategies and long-stretching formulas to help solve your business/ organisational problems.
  • In our believe in UBUNTU, creating relationships with other companies in Africa and here in South Africa, to better our service and our knowledge of business in Africa and improving these businesses and our relations with these organisations.
  • We will ensure we bring and Continue to find a way of improving the lives of the communities we operate in.


  • To provide quality and professional services at all times.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction.
  • To make enough profits and ensure the company’s growth.
  • To ensure we provide developing strategies to our client’s problems.
  • To grow LBMC and ensure that we well positioned to grow our vision.
  • To protect our employees from any damage from global pandemics.
  • LBMC will come up with strategies to allow for providing of services during a pandemic.


Letsepe’s Business Management Consulting is committed to:

  • Providing excellent service to all our clients through Commitment, dedication and teamwork;
  • Striving towards a multi- discipline service approach and service satisfying the client’s needs;
  • Developing innovative approach and finding practical solutions at affordable rates;
  • Positively supporting the government initiatives towards improving quality of life of all people through our willingness to serve; our CSI and
  • Fostering an equal opportunity work and business environment.
  • Expecting the best performance and professional behaviour from our employees.
  • Align our department policies with government acts to better prepare LBMC, for future disasters and global pandemics.

Core Values

  • To demonstrate high level of professionalism.
  • To provide excellent service at all times.


  • To treat each customer with respect and dignity.
  • To ensure our staff reflects the community we work or operate in.



  • To provide benefits to our employees.