About us

Including for those organisations who have good strategies in place, implementing tends to be a battle.  Crafting strategy is an analysis-driven exercise. You cannot succeed by sheer effort and creativity.  

Letsepe’s Business  Management Consulting (LBMC) specialises in assisting its clients to develop and improve their operations.  We have resources and experience to deliver and manage huge and small projects. See our services for more information.

Each and every project goes through a through project strategy where  we identify, strategize and implement with precision.

In short, we are a one – stop business services, prioritising the development of our client’s visions and missions


Letsepe’s Business  Management Consulting (LBMC) was established as a 100% black owned entity, officially registered in 2010, under the Close Corporation Act. Our Head Office is located at Stand No. 2044 Mothokoa Street,  in Bela-Bela Local Municipality of the Waterberg District Municipality

We invission ourbgrowth and expansion beyond South African Boarders. We aim to expand our specialised services to all spheres of the continent prioritising the development of our client’s visions and missions.

Our overall approach as  Letsepe’s Business Management Consulting (LBMC) towards service delivery is very diverse and looks to uplift the community in which our company operates and our priority being the success of our clients, and we do this through the commitment to meet client’s expectations and exceeding it and going beyond the commitment.